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Small Strokes

If the pressure didn't kill you... Then it had a purpose.

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Hey I'm Tracey

When someone asks me to introduce myself, I usually state that I am a woman of God, a  mother of four children, and an elementary school teacher. Currently, my life is in a state of self-development and transformation that includes birthing dreams and achieving personal goals; this consists of becoming a self-published author.

I stand on the belief that it’s never too late to dream again.  One of my biggest passions is singing. Although I enjoy many genres of music, praise and worship is my favorite form of music.

Fun facts about me

Whether I am singing background vocals or leading a song, music penetrates my heart and lifts my spirit.

One of my goals is to record songs that I’ve composed. 

In this season of my life, I will continue to dream big, live my best life, and stretch my faith because  I am Tracey.    

If the Pressure Didn’t Kill You, Then It Has a Purpose!  Calling All Women...

Formed Under Pressure is a compilation of candid lessons and reflective moments to inspire and motivate women to pursue their divine purpose even while experiencing the pressures of life.  The comparison to the formation of a diamond and life’s challenges are uniquely woven into every chapter of this book. The transparency and wisdom gained from the author’s personal experiences combined with the reader’s  examination of their obstacles will provoke long-lasting conversations of hope and determination. 


Tracey believes women can transform their most painful pit stops into precious possibilities by pursuing a strong relationship with God. Tracey declares…

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